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Clothes Fixtures




Metal POS Stands




Plastic P.O.S. Stands









Sign Holders




Wood Fixtures

Clothes Fixtures

Constructed from a variety of materials, specifically for your application, we also have standard clothes, shoes, bag and other racks that we can modify to your requirements

Metal Furnitures

Utilizing solely metal, or a combination of materials, we can finish surfaces to your satisfaction and contribute our own insight

Metal P.O.S. Stands

From magazine racks, to banner stands, to bottle stands and many categories in between, let us see how to build your design for durability, looks, quality and cost effectiveness

Parts, Fixtures & Accessories

We can supply you with cable systems, hooks, spool holders and other wide and varied accessories to complement your display systems

Plastic P.O.S. Stands

A variety of categories of plastic materials and manufacturing techniques can be used to produce something equal in visual appeal, quality and cost-effectiveness

Portable P.O.S. Stands

For promotional, tradeshow and mobile needs, we can help you design a P.O.S. display that is portable yet durable


Either in combination with your display order, or independent printing jobs, we can help you from printing banners to catalogs, including such technologies as lenticular

Promotional Items

Companies such as yourselves use a wide variety of self-promotion materials for building up corporate image, advertising events and the like. We can draw from our experience to help you come up with the best and most effective solution

Sign Holders

For compact, roll-up signs, to fully framed options, we can design to your size, height and profile needs

Supermarket Fixtures

Whether for the produce department or drygoods, we have supplied equipment used in some of the largest supermarket chains, to small independent grocery stores. Let us lend our expertise to your application

Wooden Fixtures

Depending on your application and environment, wood may be the most suitable for your display or finish. We can provide a variety of woods, finishes & grains to make the result look exquisite

Other Expertise

With our reputation being built strong in the area of custom design and manufacture, or wide and varied needs, some applications just cannot be categorized. No matter how stranged, intriguing or difficult, contact us and we can see how we might be able to help!




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Metal Furniture




Parts-Fixtures Accessories




Portable POS Stands


Promotional Items








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