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P.O.S. Stands

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Studio Fixtures2



Banner StandBanner Stand3


Wine Bottle Stand Bottle Stand


Flat Screen TV, DVD and VCD Stands

If you are looking for instore displays, or sellable product, we can come up with the right presentation and packaging for you

Wire Slat Rack

DVD Stand

Flat Screen TV Stand






Hair Studio Stands

For designer studio quality racks, or backroom storage racks, we have supplied hair studios with many variations on this theme

Hair Studio Stand


From magazine racks, to banner stands, to bottle stands and many categories in between, let us see how to build your design for durability, looks, quality and cost effectiveness


Banner Stands

All of fixed, foldable and rollable models are available, to accommodate various sizes of signage, using various materials

KD Rack

Wine and Bottle Stands

In an active retail environment, you want to be sure that your beverages are both accessible, yet visible, and always stored safely. Our strong racks can use various materials to accomplish the design and storage task

Portable Card Rack Hair Studio Stand

Newspaper Stand Newspaper Stand2

Brochure Stand Magazine Stand


Gift, Snack and Miscellaneous Stands

For portable standalone displays, to promotional stands, to whatever your specific needs are, let us know how we can help design and manufacture exactly what you need

Rolling Metal Rack Rolling Metal Rack2


Studio Fixtures


Freestanding Slat Display Metal Accessory Stand Metal Bag Stand Metal Tree Stand

Rolling Accessories Stand Rotating Wire Accessories Stand Rotating Wire Accessories Stand2 Wire Slat Rack

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Wire KD RackWire KD Rack

Wire Racks

Whether a simple knock-down concept, for accessories of different sizes and weights, we can use varying wire diameters, spacing, colours and others

KD Rack2 KD Rack3



Card, Brochure, Magazine and Newspaper Stands

For internal corporate use, or in a busy retail setting, we can design for various looks and capacities, per your requirements

Card Rack Card Rack2




Candy Rack Candy Rack2

Metal Shelf Rack









From metal accessory racks to wire slat racks, let us know what you are trying to accomplish, and we can brainstorm from there