By pioneering the concept of a virtual factory network, and adding to our original capabilities in metals, through dedication of capacity wood, printing, etc), we can provide a wide, varied, high quality end result.

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Your Virtual Design and Factory Partner for all Your Display Products, Custom Furnishings, Design and Manufacturing Needs


Art of Display works with companies from around the world, providing expertise in various fields (plastics, metals, printing, wood, glass, etc), to provide a virtual factory back-end/extension to your existing operations.













Your Advantage

Overall, it is zero overhead for you to have our capacity and capability to rely on, combined with prompt turnaround and flexibility to customers' specific needs. Since the early 1990's, we have found this has been attractive for a great many of our partners.













Competitive Pricing

Since we do not have to carry and amortize the high overhead of a single multi-faceted facility and staff over a number of irregularly timed small orders, even for low volume runs, pricing can be surprisingly competitive.

Quality & Experience

For custom, intricate work, the years of experience and quality of our Taiwan facilities can accomplish the task. For more standard, and/or quantity work, we can accommodate you from our mainland China resources.











Low Quantity Runs @ Low Cost

So because of the way we are structured, we can provide even low quantity runs (as low as 50-pieces, depending on the item), and yet maintain very attractive pricing.













Our years of reputation are underpinned on our being able to produce on time, on quality, and doing business with complete integrity. We hope to be able to serve you in the same manner, far into the future.
In order to help better ascertain how we can help you, we can proceed in various ways.

For example, you can send us some examples to quote on, even for past projects, as a sort of comparative pricing. Or we can look further into details of the fit between our capabilities and your needs.

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