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4 Way Fixture





Bag-Hat-Shoe Rack

Bag, Hat & Shoe Stands

For all shapes and sizes, and in a combination of materials, our bag, hat and shoe stands have been used in a variety of retail environments

Portable Sales Counter

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Constructed from a variety of materials, specifically for your application, we also have standard clothes, shoes, bag and other racks that we can modify to your requirements

4 Way Fixture4
4 Way Fixture3
4 Way Fixture2






Hanging Hook Systems

We can provide a full complement of accessories for any slat wall system, designed for clothes applications and others


Bag-Hat-Shoe Rack2
Hanging Hook Systems2

Rolling Clothes Racks


For all your clothing fixture requirements, let us know of your requirements, from concept to detailed design, and we can help you come up with what you need.






4-Way Fixtures

A custom style of retail store fixture, you can choose from our standard designs, or we can customize the design and finish to meet your needs


Hanging Hook Systems

Clothes Racks

Whether a modern look or traditional styling, and in metal, plastic, wood or other materials, we can design for your load and other functional requirements

Rotating Clothes Rack