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Your Virtual Design and Factory Partner for all Your Display Products, Custom Furnishings, Design and Manufacturing Needs

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Insulated Drink Mugs

Insulated Drink Mugs

Great for everyday use, where your logo and identity are always before customers and potential customers, we can make both regular and insulated mugs, of various shapes, sizes and capacities, including water bottles etc


Stamped Coins

Stamped Coins

A classy form of identification, we can make professional emblems and badges of a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, all according to your design

Stamped Coins2


Models & Stands

Whether for promotional or commercial use, we can apply the precision manufacturing necessary to replicate whatever you have in mind, including a solid base


Companies such as yourselves use a wide variety of self-promotion materials for building up corporate image, advertising events and the like. We can draw from our experience to help you come up with the best and most effective solution

Ballpoint Pens3

Ballpoint Pens



Paper Shopping Bags

For tradeshows, office promotion, or retail environments, we can use different materials, print your designs, and accommodate different strengths with different material weights



A great promotional tool, these can be used as promotional tools in automotive, racing, cycling, sports and other industries


Logo & Name Tags

Printed on a variety of materials, with simple and complex background designs, we try to achieve your design needs while minimizing costs


Models Stands

Mouse Pads

For mouse pads with your personal logo, to a variety of other useful and effective promotional tools, ask us for our suggestions and make your own choice







Ballpoint Pens2

Ball Point Pens

An effective and useful promotional tool, we can provide simple to multifunction writing tools in varying degrees of sophistication, printed and engraved, including lighted pens and other special effects


CD Cases

CD Cases

Promotional items that are used are always before the eyes of your target audience. From CD cases with your logo and colours, to other related items, these are professional and effective tools we can help you with




With a broad range of uses and applications, we can provide the correct material and printing combination to work for you! Various clips and end rings can be used


Logo Tags

AOD Logo