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Who is Art Of Display (AOD)?

As for Art of Display, historically our roots are in metal production of all kinds, which still represent our core in-house capabilities. This dates back to the 1980's, when we were already serving partners around the world. We are a company based in Taiwan, with almost all its partners solely based outside of Taiwan, with particular concentrations in North America and Europe.

How has AOD seen its partners needs evolve over the years?

As the years have gone by, we have realized that there are many needs that cannot be fulfilled properly by one entity or facility. This is increasingly true as designs become more innovative and complex, and production runs may vary widely in volumes. At the same time, quality results are still required.

How did AOD evolve and adapt to meet its partners needs?

In light of the changing face of our partners' needs, we have combined resources with various local partners over the years, each experts in their fields, to be able to produce end results that are as professional as they are varied, while being cost competitive. In most cases, the local factory partners still maintain other business outside of that done for Art of Display's direct customer base. It is in this way that costs can be kept low, while still having committed capacity of each type of expertise made available to Art of Display customers.

Why choose AOD to serve your needs?

Considering the model upon which AOD has built its capability and reputation, we are sure that there is likely a good potential fit in our serving your needs both cost effectively, while maintaining quality and timing criteria. We have over 15-years experience acting as a custom virtual factory back-end to companies such as yourselves. We can respond to your various needs, in different materials, at a range of complexities. As a result of an infrastructure we set out to create in the early to mid-eighties, and has been fully deployed since the early nineties, we can provide low costs even at smaller quantity levels, while ensuring our years of skill, insight and expertise contribute to a quality finished product.

How does AOD operate and serve you, its partners?

As a bit more background for you, Art of Display works with companies such as yourselves, to provide a virtual factory back-end/extension to your existing operations. By pioneering the concept of a virtual factory network, adding to our own original capabilities in metals, through dedication of capacity from experts in other fields (plastics, wood, printing, et al), we can provide a wide, varied, high quality end result. For custom, intricate work, the years of experience and quality of our Taiwan facilities can accomplish the task. For more run-of-the-mill, and/or quantity work, we can accommodate you from our China mainland resources.

What is the core of AOD's strategy?

So the focus of our strategy is to be able to do custom work, even at low quantities, with an eye to detail, quality, and meeting all the requirements of every order. Though we do make some standard products, it is as per customer requests. We do not otherwise have standard products we make and sell, nor do we sell to individual end users. We truly are an extension of your facility, provided added manufacturing capability. And as noted, our reputation is largely built on integrity and ability to fulfill what we promise. To that end we do not produce your designs for other customers, and we do not over promise. These last points have long been contentiously negative issues, especially when dealing with companies located in various emerging economies. We can assure you that we are here to protect your interests at all levels.

What advantage can AOD give to you, our partners?

All we do is designed to work for the advantage of you, our partners. Since we do not have to carry and amortize the high overhead of a multi-faceted facility and staff over a number of irregularly timed small orders, even for low volume runs, pricing can be surprisingly competitive. Because of the way we are structured, we can provide even low quantity runs (sometimes as low as 50-pieces, depending on the item), and yet maintain very attractive pricing. Overall, it is zero overhead for you to have our capacity and capability to rely on. Since the early 1990's, we have found this has been attractive for a great many of our partners

An overview of our manufacturing makeup

On the manufacturing side we use various equipment, including CNC machines, bending machines, CNC stamping machines, NCT machines, laser cutting machines, CO2 welding tools, alu-bronze welding, spot welding, tube forming machines, tube cutting machines, pressing machines, cutting machines, drilling machines, lathes, polishing machines, wrapping & packing tools, among others. Along with our local factory network partners, this extends to plastics equipment, wood equipment, printing machines, among others.

What are our finishing capabilities?

Our main finishing capabilities include powder/liquid coating, chrome, satin chrome, pearl chrome, zinc coating, brass coating, anodized, electrode coating, and plastic coating. For plastics we can provide smooth or textured finished. For wood a full range of flexible finishes is available. For printing we can do printing on metals, glitter printing, raising lettering, among others.

How can we serve you in the area of printing?

In the area of printing, we can print on a wide variety of materials (paper, vinyl, PVC, cloth, polyester, foam, cardboards, plastic boards, and other specialty materials), using everything from traditional screening, to the latest computer controlled printing technologies, in large and small formats. We have a good base in lenticular and related printing techniques that we can apply for your advantage.

Plastic production capabilities we can provide?

For plastics, we can do injection molding, acrylic, plexiglass, and others. Combined with various finishes, including textured, glitter, matte and others, the end result can be sophisticated, yet cost effective and durable.

Wood production capabilities we can provide?

We have done projects large and small in wood, from large retail wall units to custom designed photo display jewellery boxes. Finishes can be natural, stain, varnish, paint, textured, among others, using both local and imported woods of all kinds.

What about mixed materials production jobs?

Mixed material production is not a problem, with customer projects regularly requiring a mix of materials and styles. We can advise you on how use of various materials can even potentially improve or provide varied ideas for you project, or perhaps just save costs or increase functionality.

How responsive can we be to your needs and request?

We try to be readily available to respond promptly, clearly and accurately to each and every request and need. With clear information given to us, we can quickly turnaround a detailed quotation for you. If you want us to interact with you on design issues, times will still be responsible, but vary from project to project. Give us a try and see how we can respond and serve you more than adequately.

What are typical lead times from the time an order is placed?

For lead times, the typical production lead times are 30 days, while normal prototype lead times are 2 weeks. If special tooling is required, we will have to advise case-by-case. Shipping times will vary according to final destination.

How are payment arranged and on what terms?

We attempt to make the whole process of working with our partners, on an order by order basis, as simple as possible. Due to the time and cost burden of setting up letters of credit (LOC's), Art Of Display has the ability to accept instead a TT'ed 50% deposit on order value, with the remainder due after provision of proof of shipping from our factory to you. For our long term partners we have found that terms will evolve to where some prefer to pay all upfront, while others after goods are shipped. We value long term relationships and will work with you over time to be as flexible as possible.

How to get more information about AOD?

We are always ready to anwswer your every question and fulfill your requests For immediate response, feel free to call or emai us -- our contact information is available on our CONTACT page. As well, you can download our PDF short-form brochure, also from our CONTACT page. We will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible, and send you any other relevant information you might need

Where can you go from here?

We are here to do all we can to serve you. In order to help better ascertain how we can help you, we can proceed in various ways. For example, you can send us some examples to quote on, even for past projects, as a sort of comparative pricing. Or we can look further into details of the fit between our capabilities and your needs. Our years of reputation are underpinned on our being able to produce on time, on quality, and doing business with complete integrity. We hope to be able to serve you in the same manner, far into the future


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