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Your Virtual Design and Factory Partner for all Your Display Products, Custom Furnishings, Design and Manufacturing Needs




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KD Shelves

Of varying heights and widths, and for different load capacities, let us know your requirements and we can find the right solution


Metal Desks

Simple yet stylistic to purely utilitarian, and comprising a combination of materials, we can manufacture to your size




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Newspaper Racks


Utilizing solely metal, or a combination of materials, we can finish surfaces to your satisfaction and contribute our own insight

Computer Table 3
Computer Table
Metal Desk

Computer Table2


KD Shelf

KD Shelf 3
KD Shelf 2


Metal Desk

Desk with Cabinet

Hanging Hook Systems


Newspaper Racks


No matter what shape, design or size, we can give your needs a try and come out with a quality result in metal or a combination of metal and other materials




Computer Desks

From simple, institutional style, to designer mixed material units, we can come up with many variations



KD Shelf 4





Newspaper & Magazine Racks

For the small grocery store, to the high-end office, designs and materials can vary, but the functionality remains

Newspaper Racks