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Neon Signs

Always a popular option, our signs are produced with attention to quality and detail, and large or small. Send us your designs and let us work with you on this and other signage needs


Pineapple Melon Cutter3

With our reputation being built strong in the area of custom design and manufacture, or wide and varied needs, some applications just cannot be categorized. No matter how stranged, intriguing or difficult, contact us and we can see how we might be able to help!


Hanging Neon Signs2

Hanging Neon Signs Hanging Neon Signs3



Pineapple Melon Cutter Pineapple Melon Cutter2


Your Design

Of course we are here solely for you! Many of our projects are already defined by our partners themselves, and we work to ensure our manufacturing expertise brings the project in on time, with the utmost of quality, and with controlled costs. Whether your design is ready or you want us to work with you on that aspect as well, whatever your need, there is a good chance we have done something similar in the past. And rest assured, if we cannot do it, or cannot meet your quality requirements, we will surely tell you upfront. In such cases we may even be able to find you the appropriate alternate partner, if desired


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Fruit Cutters

A complex yet unique and useful product that can be adapted to cut other than fruits! Let us know your requirement for this or other intricate products - we have the capability to do it right for you


Your Design