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Wooden Wall Units

Designed for sophisticated finishes and decors, or for that rough, outdoors feeling, we can come up with a multitude of design variations based on your requests and combine the necessary mix of materials


Depending on your application and environment, wood may be the most suitable for your display or finish. We can provide a variety of woods, finishes & grains to make the result look exquisite


Wooden Wall Units Wooden Wall Units3

Wooden Wall Units2


Wood can be used in flexible, dynamic and artistic ways. We can work together to see how we can apply wood to either part or the whole of your needs



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Wooden Slant Boards Wooden Slant Board2

Wooden Slant Boards

Either freestanding, or as part of a larger display, let us know the product that will be displayed and we can use a combination of materials, techniques and interlocks to make a viable display for you



Gondola Display Rolling Shoe Stand