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AOD and The Chinese Lunar New Year holidays 2006... (January 17th, 2006)

Art of Display will once again celebrate the coming of the new lunar year, according to the Chinese calendar. As such, our operations will be shutting down leading up to January 28th, 2006, or Chinese New Years Eve. We will resume full operations as of February 6th, 2006. A skeletal administrative staff will be available all week to handle any situations requiring immediate attention, as well as answering calls, emails and faxes. Do not hesitate to contact us.


AOD expands its reach to it European partners........ (May 1st, 2005)

In an effort to expand our reach and depth of the European market and the needs and desires of current and future partners, AOD is working more closely with our European associates. This includes attending relevant exhibitions and conferences, site visits, and becoming more familiar with the retail and display fixtures scene in various parts of Europe


AOD attends Globashop 2005, Las Vegas................. (April 8th, 2005)

As a focal point for the retail fixtures and display industry gathering together on a yearly basis, Globalshop brings togethers companies and people of many stripes, to exchange information, attended useful conference series, introduce new products, and generally meet customers and others. AOD was able to reach out on a broader basis through Globalshop 2005, connecting with current partners, and meeting with potential new ones


AOD attends ShopExpo 2004...... (November 7th, 2004)

Held annually on the East Coast of the USA, ShopExpo is a smaller more focused venue for store design, fixtures and displays. Held in New York City for 2004, AOD was able to make many new contacts in the design, architecture and fashion industries, initiating talks on providing backend services for these already credible and competent creative organizations. We are seeing immediate fruits arise from these new partnership processes


AOD works with large European retailer for design and production projects...... (October 25, 2003)

As a follow-on to previous contacts and referrals from existing partners, AOD has been able to work with some major European retail chains to provide design input and backend manufacturing for various display and retail fixture products. We hope to continue to supply these partners on an expanding basis in the future


AOD continues to make inroads into servicing big name retail chains...... (March 15th, 2002)

Leveraging our years of experience and expertise, AOD has been able to supply its products through our partners, to various large North American retail establishments. These include both drygoods and supermarket sectors. As many of these chains expand overseas, AOD foresees the possibility of supplying and serving them in these areas as well

AOD partners with a large Germany-based electronics distributor...... (June 15th, 2001)

Matched through a referral from one of our large USA-based partners, AOD has secured a working partnership with their European counterpart to supply a variety of products including P.O.S. displays, fixtures and a variety of corporate identity/promotional items. We see this as a start of another long term partnership with a valued and appreciated partner


AOD enters its 2nd decade of operations................. (January 1st, 2000)

Carrying forward its pioneering concept of a "virtual factory network" serving all aspects of partners in the retail fixtures, design and point-of-sale industries, AOD has successfully moved past the decade mark since restructuring around the virtual factory network model. Formed in the early 1980's with a focus on metal-based production, beginning in the early 1990's AOD pioneered the concept of bringing together top expertise in various manufacturing and design categories to work together as one connected whole, without physically coming under one roof. This committed capacity and expertise, without the single overhead of every resource in one entity, has proved a valuable combination for us and our many partners around the world. We look forward to serving all our partners far into the future

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